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Perfect World Rebellion

Once you have downloaded all the files for the client, move them into a folder on your desktop and extract them there.

To extract the files, simply click on the .exe file and it will then begin to extract the other files into the folders you need for your client. Create a shortcut to the Patcher.exe file inside the “Patcher” folder and use that to start and update the client.

Choose your Race and profession.

There are a total of 6 varied races to choose from ranging

From humans and elves to beasts and mermaids.

Select the race 1st and then you can choose from 2 professional classes with each race.

Choose your sex and customise your look.

Choose the sex of your character. This has no effect on general game play and the sexes have the same starter statistics. The difference between the 2 is cosmetic and only effects the range of fashion items you can use in game. You can change your sex in game if you decide to later.

Choose your name.

Choose a unique name. You cannot use any special characters or symbols otherwise it makes it impossible for other players and game moderators (GM’s) to send you private messages (PM’s). You can change your name in game with an item from the boutique later.

World Map Events.

There are events that run in cities (Lost, Etherblade

Plume and Archosaur). These include

Easter event, Halloween event, Multi event.

World map events happen at various towns.

To activate one, speak to a GM and give them either

1 Invasion stone for a 1 hour event

Or an Event stone for a 30 minute event.

These events are publc

Event Caves.

Use wine in the following FB’s to change them into

Personal (team of 10 max) event caves.

FB 19 Human, Elf or Beast.

FB39 (under construction)

FB79 This is an extremely hard cave, meant to be

entered in a team, to gather G17 materials.

FB59 Monsters in here re spawn so can be farmed

for up to 4 hours. This cave needs 1 Invasion stone to activate it.

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Events and Event caves